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Height: 9 Bird Cages (stacked one on top of the other)

Weight: A gentleman never asks, and a lady never tells

Physical Aspects: Green feathers, Kalamazoo Wings #00 jersey, Air Slappy brand shoes

Favorite Wings Moment: There are just too many to have a favorite. But Slappy loves meeting and greeting all the fans who come to the games. Slappy also loves going outside of the arena to visit his fans in the community!

Favorite Foods: Hot dogs, tuna, Walleye (or any kind of fish really), and fresh fruit

Best Friends: All Kalamazoo Wings Fans

Likes: The shiny Kelly Cup, dancing, birthday parties, Kalamazoo Wings fans, Kalamazoo Wings victories and HOCKEY!

Dislikes: Blind referees, icing and Kalamazoo Wings losses

Favorite Song: The Kalamazoo Wings Anthem

Person Who Slappy Wants To Meet: YOU!

Motto: “It’s always someone’s first game!”


Slappy’s story is deeply ingrained within the Kalamazoo Wings organization. Slappy can be seen at the Kalamazoo Wings games and out within the community. Slappy is happy to share his story with you.

Slappy has been a crucial part of the Kalamazoo Wings Hockey Club for many years and will be for years to come. Slappy is best known for his oddball antics on and off the ice. He is such a big part of the organization that the Kalamazoo Wings wore special Slappy jerseys to honor him during a game. Slappy is considered the “beak bone” of the team and is responsible for random cheer off's that happen in the stands. When you come to a game you can expect to see Slappy trying to steal popcorn from fans, pulling pranks and cheering on his Kalamazoo Wings to victory! One thing that makes Slappy really happy is when fans give him high fives, so make sure to give him one before you leave!


When Slappy isn't entertaining thousands of fans at Wings Event Center, he's making hundreds of appearances year-round throughout West Michigan. If you're looking to make your upcoming event a huge success, then Slappy's your bird.

Slappy appearances are fully customizable to fit your event. From what he wears, to additional merchandise promotions... Slappy's a hit everywhere he goes. And reservations are easy, just complete the request form below. 

Slappy is able to attend events for up to an hour. Rates vary depending on the organization and type of event. Other variables include cost of travel, type of event (private or charitable) and calendar date.

*Slappy is unable to make any personal appearances at Kalamazoo Wings home game dates due to other commitments.

Standard Rates include:

  • $150 + travel for private events
  • $100 + travel for Festivals, Parades, Etc
  • $75 + travel for registered nonprofit organizations such as the Red Cross, and Boys and Girls Club, etc

* Please note, rates are subject to change. Pricing is finalized once contractual agreement is signed. All fees charged for Slappy’s appearance is used to benifit the Slappy Mascot Program. The program funds Slappy's uniforms, travel, cleaning, refurbishments and other expenses necessary for Slappy to represent the city of Kalamazoo and the Kalamazoo Wings.

Once your request form is submitted, you will be contacted via email 3 weeks prior to your requested date. Filling out the appearance request form does not confirm Slappy’s attendance - it is simply a request, not a confirmation. Please keep in mind there is only one Slappy!


Questions about requesting Slappy? Fill out the form below!